Evolving cooperative strategies for UAV teams

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  organisation = "ACM SIGEVO (formerly ISGEC)",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, autonomous
                 control, cooperative agents, experimentation,
                 performance, simulated robotics",
  abstract =     "We present a Genetic Programming approach to evolve
                 cooperative controllers for teams of UAVs. Our focus is
                 a collaborative search mission in an uncertain and/or
                 hostile environment. The controllers are decision trees
                 constructed from a set of low-level functions. Evolved
                 decision trees are robust to changes in initial mission
                 parameters and approach the optimal bound for
                 time-to-completion. We compare results between
                 steady-state and generational approaches, and examine
                 the effects of two common selection operators.",
  notes =        "GECCO-2005 A joint meeting of the fourteenth
                 international conference on genetic algorithms
                 (ICGA-2005) and the tenth annual genetic programming
                 conference (GP-2005).

                 ACM Order Number 910052",

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