Determining equations for vegetation induced resistance using genetic programming

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  notes =        "GECCO-2005 A joint meeting of the fourteenth
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                 (ICGA-2005) and the tenth annual genetic programming
                 conference (GP-2005).

                 ACM Order Number 910052

                 7. CONCLUSIONS Four formulations for waterdepth-related
                 resistance induced by vegetation are studied and
                 compared. Two have been explicitly derived by a
                 scientist building upon the extensive literature on
                 this subject. One expression was derived by
                 dimensionally aware genetic programming, and finally
                 one expression was created by manually analysing and
                 improving the genetic programming equation. It was
                 found that the genetic programming equations were
                 superior to the manually derived equations, both on
                 their performance on synthetic training and laboratory
                 testing data, and in the economy of detail that needs
                 to be modelled. The manually improved expression was
                 found to be in good agreement with previous expressions
                 found in the literature, and performed competitive with
                 the detailed model that was used to generate the
                 training data.",

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