Application of an Evolutionary Data Mining Technique for Constitutive Modelling of Geomaterials

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  author =       "Alireza Ahangarasr",
  title =        "Application of an Evolutionary Data Mining Technique
                 for Constitutive Modelling of Geomaterials",
  school =       "University of Exeter",
  year =         "2012",
  address =      "UK",
  month =        "31 " # dec,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "Modelling behaviour of materials involves
                 approximating the actual behaviour with that of an
                 idealised material that deforms in accordance with some
                 constitutive relationships. Several constitutive models
                 have been developed for various materials many of which
                 involve determination of material parameters with no
                 physical meaning. ANN is a computer-based modelling
                 technique for computation and knowledge representation
                 inspired by the neural architecture and operation of
                 the human brain. It has been shown by various
                 researchers that ANNs offer outstanding advantages in
                 constitutive modelling of material; however, these
                 networks have some shortcoming. In this thesis, the
                 Evolutionary Polynomial Regression (EPR) was introduced
                 as an alternative approach to constitutive modelling of
                 the complex behaviour of saturated and unsaturated
                 soils and also modelling of a number of other civil and
                 geotechnical engineering materials and systems. EPR
                 overcomes the shortcomings of ANN by providing a
                 structured and transparent model representing the
                 behaviour of the system. In this research EPR is
                 applied to modelling of stress-strain and volume change
                 behaviour of unsaturated soils, modelling of SWCC in
                 unsaturated soils, hydro-thermo-mechanical modelling of
                 unsaturated soils, identification of coupling
                 parameters between shear strength behaviour and
                 chemical's effects in compacted soils, modelling of
                 permeability and compaction characteristics of soils,
                 prediction of the stability status of soil and rock
                 slopes and modelling the mechanical behaviour of rubber
                 concrete. Comparisons between EPR-based material model
                 predictions, the experimental data and the predictions
                 from other data mining and regression modelling
                 techniques and also the results of the parametric
                 studies revealed the exceptional capabilities of the
                 proposed methodology in modelling the very complicated
                 behaviour of geotechnical and civil engineering
  notes =        "Ahangar-Asr This item is under Embargo until:

                 Supervisor: Akbar Javadi",

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