Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Ali Danandeh Mehr

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Ercan Kahya, Ehsan Olyaie, Cahit Yerdelen, Mehmet Ozger, Vahid Nourani, Hamid Zare Abyaneh,

Genetic Programming Articles by Ali Danandeh Mehr

  1. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Ercan Kahya. A Pareto-optimal moving average multigene genetic programming model for daily streamflow prediction. Journal of Hydrology, 549:603-615, 2017. details

  2. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Vahid Nourani. A Pareto-optimal moving average-multigene genetic programming model for rainfall-runoff modelling. Environmental Modelling \& Software, 92:239-251, 2017. details

  3. Ehsan Olyaie and Hamid Zare Abyaneh and Ali Danandeh Mehr. A comparative analysis among computational intelligence techniques for dissolved oxygen prediction in Delaware River. Geoscience Frontiers, 2016. details

  4. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Ercan Kahya and Mehmet Ozger. A gene-wavelet model for long lead time drought forecasting. Journal of Hydrology, 517:691-699, 2014. details

  5. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Ercan Kahya and Cahit Yerdelen. Linear genetic programming application for successive-station monthly streamflow prediction. Computer \& Geosciences, 70:63-72, 2014. details

  6. Ali Danandeh Mehr and Ercan Kahya and Ehsan Olyaie. Streamflow prediction using linear genetic programming in comparison with a neuro-wavelet technique. Journal of Hydrology, 505:240-249, 2013. details