Efficient interleaved sampling of training data in genetic programming

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  abstract =     "The ability to generalise beyond the training set is
                 important for Genetic Programming (GP). Interleaved
                 Sampling is a recently proposed approach to improve
                 generalisation in GP. In this technique, GP alternates
                 between using the entire data set and only a single
                 data point. Initial results showed that the technique
                 not only produces solutions that generalise well, but
                 that it so happens at a reduced computational expense
                 as half the number of generations only evaluate a
                 single data point.

                 This paper further investigates the merit of
                 interleaving the use of training set with two
                 alternatives approaches. These are: the use of random
                 search instead of a single data point, and simply
                 minimising the tree size. Both of these alternatives
                 are computationally even cheaper than the original
                 setup as they simply do not invoke the fitness function
                 half the time. We test the utility of these new methods
                 on four, well cited, and high dimensional problems from
                 the symbolic regression domain.

                 The results show that the new approaches continue to
                 produce general solutions despite taking only half the
                 fitness evaluations. Size minimisation also prevents
                 bloat while producing competitive results on both
                 training and test data sets. The tree sizes with size
                 ionisation are substantially smaller than the rest of
                 the setups, which further brings down the training
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2598480} Distributed at

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