Data mining in hydrology

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  author =       "Vladan Babovic",
  title =        "Data mining in hydrology",
  journal =      "Hydrological Processes",
  year =         "2005",
  volume =       "19",
  number =       "7",
  pages =        "1511--1515",
  month =        "30 " # apr,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  ISSN =         "1099-1085",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1002/hyp.5862",
  size =         "5 pages",
  abstract =     "Present-day instrumentation networks already provide
                 immense quantities of data, very little of which
                 provide any insight into the basic physical phenomena
                 that are occurring in the medium measured. In order to
                 exploit fully the information contained in the data,
                 scientists are developing a suite of techniques to
                 'mine the knowledge' from data.",
  notes =        "Invited Commentary",

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