Symbolic approach for the generalized airfoil equation

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  author =       "Elena Bautu and Elena Pelican",
  title =        "Symbolic approach for the generalized airfoil
  journal =      "Creative Mathematics and Informatics",
  year =         "2008",
  volume =       "17",
  number =       "2",
  pages =        "52--60",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Gene
                 Expression Programming, Generalised airfoil equation,
                 Fredholm integral equation of the first kind, airfoil
  ISSN =         "1584-286X",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  broken =       "",
  size =         "6 pages",
  abstract =     "The generalised airfoil equation governs the pressure
                 across an airfoil oscillating in a wind tunnel. In this
                 paper we analyse the problem for an airfoil with a
                 flap, by means of Gene Expression Programming (GEP). We
                 present the main traits of the GEP metaheuristic and
                 then we define its elements in order to be used for
                 integral equations of the first kind. The results
                 obtained by our symbolic approach confirm the
                 suitability of this method for problems modelled by
                 Fredholm first kind integral equations.",
  notes =        "",

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