Multigene Genetic Programming for Estimation of Elastic Modulus of Concrete

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  author =       "Alireza Mohammadi Bayazidi and Gai-Ge Wang and 
                 Hamed Bolandi and Amir H. Alavi and Amir H. Gandomi",
  title =        "Multigene Genetic Programming for Estimation of
                 Elastic Modulus of Concrete",
  journal =      "Mathematical Problems in Engineering",
  year =         "2014",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  publisher =    "Hindawi",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1155/2014/474289",
  size =         "10 pages",
  abstract =     "This paper presents a new multigene genetic
                 programming (MGGP) approach for estimation of elastic
                 modulus of concrete. The MGGP technique models the
                 elastic modulus behaviour by integrating the
                 capabilities of standard genetic programming and
                 classical regression. The main aim is to derive precise
                 relationships between the tangent elastic moduli of
                 normal and high strength concrete and the corresponding
                 compressive strength values. Another important
                 contribution of this study is to develop a generalised
                 prediction model for the elastic moduli of both normal
                 and high strength concrete. Numerous concrete
                 compressive strength test results are obtained from the
                 literature to develop the models. A comprehensive
                 comparative study is conducted to verify the
                 performance of the models. The proposed models perform
                 superior to the existing traditional models, as well as
                 those derived using other powerful soft computing
  notes =        "Article ID 474289",

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