Comparing ensemble learning approaches in genetic programming for classification with unbalanced data

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  abstract =     "This paper compares three approaches to evolving
                 ensembles in Genetic Programming (GP) for binary
                 classification with unbalanced data. The first uses
                 bagging with sampling, while the other two use
                 Pareto-based multi-objective GP (MOGP) for the
                 trade-off between the two (unequal) classes. In MOGP,
                 two ways are compared to build the ensembles: using the
                 evolved Pareto front alone, and using the whole evolved
                 population of dominated and non-dominated individuals
                 alike. Experiments on several benchmark (binary)
                 unbalanced tasks find that smaller, more diverse
                 ensembles chosen during ensemble selection perform best
                 due to better generalisation, particularly when the
                 combined knowledge of the whole evolved MOGP population
                 forms the ensemble.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2464643} Distributed at

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