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GP coauthors/coeditors: Yuehui Chen, Ajith Abraham, Zhifeng Liang, Lin Wang, Xiaoqiang Zhang, Nana He, Shoude Wang, Jeff Orchard, Qingke Zhang, Jianzhang Jiang, Xiuyang Zhao, Shuming Gao,

Genetic Programming Articles by Bo Yang

  1. Lin Wang and Bo Yang and Shoude Wang and Zhifeng Liang. Building Image Feature Kinetics for Cement Hydration using Gene Expression Programming with Similarity Weight Tournament Selection. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 19(5):679-693, 2015. details

  2. Xiuyang Zhao and Bo Yang and Shuming Gao and Yuehui Chen. Multi-contour registration based on feature points correspondence and two-stage gene expression programming. Neurocomputing, 145:512-529, 2014. details

  3. Qingke Zhang and Bo Yang and Lin Wang and Jianzhang Jiang. An improved multi-expression programming algorithm applied in function discovery and data prediction. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology, 5(3/4):218-233, 2013. details

  4. Yuehui Chen and Bo Yang and Ajith Abraham. Flexible neural trees ensemble for stock index modeling. Neurocomputing, 70(4-6):697-703, 2007. Advanced Neurocomputing Theory and Methodology - Selected papers from the International Conference on Intelligent Computing 2005 (ICIC 2005), International Conference on Intelligent Computing 2005. details

  5. Yuehui Chen and Ajith Abraham and Bo Yang. Feature selection and classification using flexible neural tree. Neurocomputing, 70(1-3):305-313, 2006. Selected Papers from the 7th Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks (SBRN '04), 7th Brazilian Symposium on Neural Networks. details

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