An Introduction to Developmental and Grammatical Computing

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  author =       "Anthony Brabazon and Michael O'Neill and 
                 Sean McGarraghy",
  title =        "An Introduction to Developmental and Grammatical
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  abstract =     "To say that the knowledge uncovered by developmental
                 biologists has been under-exploited in natural
                 computing is perhaps an understatement. Curiously,
                 despite the relative lack of research attention that
                 has been paid to these important biological processes,
                 one of the fathers of Computer Science, Alan Turing,
                 recognised the power of developmental systems and
                 developed reaction-diffusion models to understand the
                 mechanisms behind morphogenesis (the development of
                 biological form) [638]. In recent years it is
                 heartening to see researchers beginning to close this
                 gap and start to explore the power of developmental
                 processes such as genetic regulatory networks for
                 problem solving, and the use of approaches such as
                 self-modification of phenotypes and developmental
                 evaluation. The surge in interest in developmental
                 computing is illustrated by the creation of a new track
                 dedicated to Generative and Developmental Systems which
                 began in 2007 at the ACM Genetic and Evolutionary
                 Computation Conference [72, 321, 347, 526, 586, 623]
                 and which has run every year since. A special issue of
                 the journal IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary
                 Computation was also dedicated to this topic in 2011
                 [639]. In this chapter the concept of developmental
                 computing is introduced with particular emphasis on
                 grammatical computing, which uses grammars as a
                 generative process in order to create structures of
  notes =        "Part of \cite{Brabazon:book:NCA}",

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