A Fuzzy Entropy Algorithm For Data Extrapolation In Multi-Compressor System

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  author =       "Gursewak S Brar and Yadwinder S Brar and 
                 Yaduvir Singh",
  title =        "A Fuzzy Entropy Algorithm For Data Extrapolation In
                 Multi-Compressor System",
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                 entropy, incomplete data, classification, knowledge
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  abstract =     "In this paper incomplete quantitative data has been
                 dealt by using the concept of fuzzy entropy. Fuzzy
                 entropy has been used to extrapolate the data
                 pertaining to the compressor current. Certain
                 attributes related to the compressor current have been
                 considered. Test data of compressor current used in
                 this knowledge discovery algorithm knows the entire
                 attribute clearly. The developed algorithm is very
                 effective and can be used in the various application
                 related to knowledge discovery and machine learning.
                 The developed knowledge discovery algorithm using fuzzy
                 entropy has been tested on a multi-compressor system
                 for incomplete compressor current data and it is found
                 that the error level is merely 4.40percent, which is
                 far better than other available knowledge discovery

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