eCrash: a framework for performing evolutionary testing on third-party Java components

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  author =       "Jose Carlos {Bregieiro Ribeiro} and 
                 Mario Alberto Zenha-Rela and Francisco {Fernandez de Vega}",
  title =        "{eCrash:} a framework for performing evolutionary
                 testing on third-party Java components",
  booktitle =    "I Jornadas sobre Algoritmos Evolutivos y
                 Metaheuristicas (JAEM 2007)",
  year =         "2007",
  editor =       "Enrique Alba and Francisco Herrera",
  pages =        "137--144",
  address =      "Zaragoza, Spain",
  month =        "11-14 " # sep,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, SBSE, STGP",
  isbn13 =       "978-84-9732-593-6",
  URL =          "",
  size =         "8 pages",
  abstract =     "The focus of this paper is on presenting a tool for
                 generating test data by employing evolutionary search
                 techniques, with basis on the information provided by
                 the structural analysis and interpretation of the Java
                 bytecode of third-party Java components, and on the
                 dynamic execution of the instrumented test object. The
                 main objective of this approach is that of evolving a
                 set of test cases that yields full structural code
                 coverage of the test object. Such a test set can be
                 used for effectively performing the testing activity,
                 providing confidence in the quality and robustness of
                 the test object.

                 The rationale of working at the bytecode level is that
                 even when the source code is unavailable structural
                 testing requirements can still be derived, and used to
                 assess the quality of a test set and to guide the
                 evolutionary search towards reaching specific test
  notes =        " With CEDI 2007",

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