Cost estimation for punch dies by genetic programming

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  author =       "Miran Brezocnik and Bostjan Vaupotic and 
                 Janez Fridrih and Ivo Pahole",
  title =        "Cost estimation for punch dies by genetic
  booktitle =    "RIM 2005 / 5th International scientific conference on
                 Production engineering",
  year =         "2005",
  editor =       "Milan Jurkovic and Vlatko Dolecek",
  pages =        "167--172",
  month =        "14-17 " # sep,
  publisher =    "Faculty of Technical Engineering, Bihac, Bosnia and
  email =        "",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, punch dies,
                 cost estimation",
  ISBN =         "9958-9262-0-2",
  abstract =     "The paper presents a new approach for cost estimation
                 of punch dies used in metal-forming industry. In the
                 modern business world fast and accurate information is
                 the principal advantage in securing orders and
                 establishing the company's renowned. Often, the offer
                 for the manufacturing and supply of the tool must be
                 sent within a short time. However, precise preparation
                 of the offer requires much work. The paper presents an
                 approach ensuring fast determination of the relatively
                 precise cost estimate of the punch dies on the basis of
                 the tool input parameters (e.g., outside dimensions,
                 number of blades, number of directions of cutting). The
                 proposed approach is based on the evolutionary
                 searching for the adequate general equation describing
                 the influence of the tool input parameters on punch die
                 manufacturing cost. Evolutionary development of the
                 equation was performed by the genetic programming and
                 the base of the punch dies already made.",

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