Visualization of genetic lineages and inheritance information in genetic programming

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  abstract =     "Many studies emphasise the importance of genetic
                 diversity and the need for an appropriate tuning of
                 selection pressure in genetic programming. Additional
                 important aspects are the performance and effects of
                 the genetic operators (crossover and mutation) on the
                 transfer and stabilisation of inherited information
                 blocks during the run of the algorithm. In this
                 context, different ideas about the usage of lineage and
                 genealogical information for improving genetic
                 programming have taken shape in the last decade.

                 Our work builds on those ideas by introducing an
                 evolution tracking framework for assembling
                 genealogical and inheritance graphs of populations. The
                 proposed approach allows detailed investigation of
                 phenomena related to building blocks, size evolution,
                 ancestry and diversity. We introduce the notion of
                 genetic fragments to represent sub-trees that are
                 affected by reproductive operators (mutation and
                 crossover) and present a methodology for tracking such
                 fragments using flexible similarity measures. A
                 fragment matching algorithm was designed to work on
                 both structural and semantic levels, allowing us to
                 gain insight into the exploratory and exploitative
                 behaviour of the evolutionary process.

                 The visualisation part which is the subject of this
                 paper integrates with the framework and provides an
                 easy way of exploring the population history. The paper
                 focuses on a case study in which we investigate the
                 evolution of a solution to a symbolic regression
                 benchmark problem.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2482714} Distributed at

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