Sequential metamodelling with genetic programming and particle swarms

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  author =       "Birkan Can and Cathal Heavey",
  title =        "Sequential metamodelling with genetic programming and
                 particle swarms",
  booktitle =    "Proceedings of the 2009 Winter Simulation Conference
  year =         "2009",
  month =        "13-16 " # dec,
  pages =        "3150--3157",
  abstract =     "This article presents an application of two main
                 component methodologies of evolutionary algorithms in
                 simulation-based metamodelling. We present an
                 evolutionary framework for constructing analytical
                 metamodels and apply it to simulations of manufacturing
                 lines with buffer allocation problem. In this
                 framework, a particle swarm algorithm is integrated to
                 genetic programming to perform symbolic regression of
                 the problem. The sampling data is sequentially
                 generated by the particle swarm algorithm, while
                 genetic programming evolves symbolic functions of the
                 domain. The results are promising in terms of
                 efficiency in design of experiments and accuracy in
                 global metamodelling.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, PSO, buffer
                 allocation, design of experiment, discrete event
                 simulation, evolutionary algorithm, global
                 metamodelling, manufacturing lines, particle swarm
                 algorithm, sampling data, sequential metamodelling,
                 simulation-based metamodelling, symbolic function,
                 symbolic regression, design of experiments, discrete
                 event simulation, manufacturing systems, particle swarm
                 optimisation, regression analysis, sampling methods",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/WSC.2009.5429276",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{5429276}",

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