Interactive Evolution of Speech using VoiceXML Speaking to your GP System

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  author =       "Jonas Carlsson and Carlos Paiz and Krister Wolff and 
                 Peter Nordin",
  title =        "Interactive Evolution of Speech using {VoiceXML}
                 Speaking to your {GP} System",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, voice XML",
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  URL =          ";jsessionid=3ACDA5B9DB9ACC6C5ECF27C2C8BEA296?cid=5226534",
  URL =          "",
  abstract =     "we describe and discuss experiments in which we try to
                 evolve meaningful sentences in English using Genetic
                 Programming with interactive evolution. We use VoiceXML
                 as the user interface, through which the user hears
                 each individual, acts as the fitness function and tells
                 the system what individuals to select. This is the
                 first GP-system that accepts voice as guidance for
                 fitness calculations. We use context free grammars to
                 define the individuals and the genetic operators make
                 sure that the grammar is followed, avoiding destructive
                 mutation and crossover. The results show that it is
                 possible to evolve meaningful phrases with our approach
                 but improvements to the system are required in order to
                 fully achieve the goal. The wide availability of voice
                 terminals, such as phones, enables powerful learning
                 of, for example, natural language grammar with possible
                 feedback even from the general public. The described
                 work also constitutes the first GP-system written in
                 JavaScript (ECMAScript) enabling easy distributed
                 GP-run over the Web without any installation.",

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