Perpetuating evolutionary emergence

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  author =       "A. D. Channon and R. I. Damper",
  title =        "Perpetuating evolutionary emergence",
  booktitle =    "From Animals to Animats 5: Proceedings of the Fifth
                 International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive
  year =         "1998",
  editor =       "Rolf Pfeifer and Bruce Blumberg and 
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, natural
  ISBN =         "0-262-66144-6",
  URL =          "",
  URL =          "",
  size =         "6 pages",
  abstract =     "Perpetuating evolutionary emergence is the key to
                 artificially evolving increasingly complex systems. In
                 order to generate complex entities with adaptive
                 behaviours beyond our manual design capability, long
                 term incremental evolution with continuing emergence is
                 called for. Purely artificial selection models, such as
                 traditional genetic algorithms, are argued to be
                 fundamentally inadequate for this calling and existing
                 natural selection systems are evaluated. Thus some
                 requirements for perpetuating evolutionary emergence
                 are revealed. A new environment containing simple
                 virtual autonomous organisms has been created to
                 satisfy these requirements. Resulting evolutionary
                 emergent behaviors are reported alongside of their
                 neural correlates. In one example, the collective
                 behaviour of one species clearly provides a selective
                 force which is overcome by another species,
                 demonstrating the perpetuation of evolutionary
                 emergence via naturally arising coevolution.",
  notes =        " included in
                 google books May 2008",

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