Optimal design of hierarchical wavelet networks for time-series forecasting

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  author =       "Yuehui Chen and Bo Yang and Ajith Abraham",
  title =        "Optimal design of hierarchical wavelet networks for
                 time-series forecasting",
  booktitle =    "14th European Symposium on Artificial Neural Networks
                 (ESANN 2006)",
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  language =     "en",
  oai =          "oai:CiteSeerXPSU:",
  abstract =     "The purpose of this study is to identify the
                 Hierarchical Wavelet Neural Networks (HWNN) and select
                 important input features for each sub-wavelet neural
                 network automatically. Based on the predefined
                 instruction/operator sets, a HWNN is created and
                 evolved using tree-structure based Extended Compact
                 Genetic Programming (ECGP), and the parameters are
                 optimised by Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm.
                 This framework also allows input variables selection.
                 Empirical results on benchmark time-series
                 approximation problems indicate that the proposed
                 method is effective and efficient.",

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