On the Suitability of Genetic-Based Algorithms for Data Mining

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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-540-49121-7_5",
  abstract =     "Data mining has as goal to extract knowledge from
                 large databases. A database may be considered as a
                 search space consisting of an enormous number of
                 elements, and a mining algorithm as a search strategy.
                 In general, an exhaustive search of the space is
                 infeasible. Therefore, efficient search strategies are
                 of vital importance. Search strategies on genetic-based
                 algorithms have been applied successfully in a wide
                 range of applications. We focus on the suitability of
                 genetic-based algorithms for data mining. We discuss
                 the design and implementation of a genetic-based
                 algorithm for data mining and illustrate its
  notes =        "DWDM98 ER'98 Workshop on Data Warehousing and Data
                 Mining, Mobile Data Access, and Collaborative Work
                 Support and Spatio-Temporal Data Management

                 Also available as Dutch military {"}National Aerospace
                 Laboratory{"} NLR tech report.
                 \cite{choenni:1998:SGADM} NLR Technical Publications
                 98484-tp.pdf NLR-TP-98484 Also {"}University of

                 Fixed length representation, one locus per database
                 attribute. Attributes either 1) not used 2) actual
                 value (categorical data) or 3) range, eg [3,34]. All
                 attributes anded together to give query. Mutation and
                 crossover a little bit smart.

                 Microsoft Access interface. Interactive. User specifies
                 initial topic to be mind and can interactively update


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