Genetic Programming for Robot Soccer

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  acknowledgement = ack-nhfb,
  abstract =     "RoboCup is a complex simulated environment in which a
                 team of players must cooperate to overcome their
                 opposition in a game of soccer. This paper describes
                 three experiments in the use of genetic programming to
                 develop teams for RoboCup. The experiments used
                 different combinations of low level and high level
                 functions. The teams generated in experiment 2 were
                 clearly better than the teams in experiment 1, and
                 reached the level of `school boy soccer' where the
                 players follow the ball and try to kick it. The teams
                 generated in experiment 3 were quite good, however they
                 were not as good as the teams evolved in experiment 2.
                 The results suggest that genetic programming could be
                 used to develop viable teams for the competition,
                 however, much more work is needed on the higher level
                 functions, fitness measures and fitness evaluation.",

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