Multi-Objective Genetic Programming for Classification with Unbalanced Data

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  author =       "Urvesh Bhowan and Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston",
  title =        "Multi-Objective Genetic Programming for Classification
                 with Unbalanced Data",
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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-642-10439-8_38",
  abstract =     "Existing learning and search algorithms can suffer a
                 learning bias when dealing with unbalanced data sets.
                 This paper proposes a Multi-Objective Genetic
                 Programming (MOGP) approach to evolve a Pareto front of
                 classifiers along the optimal trade-off surface
                 representing minority and majority class accuracy for
                 binary class imbalance problems. A major advantage of
                 the MOGP approach is that by explicitly incorporating
                 the learning bias into the search algorithm, a good set
                 of well-performing classifiers can be evolved in a
                 single experiment while canonical (single-solution)
                 Genetic Programming (GP) requires some objective
                 preference be a priori built into a fitness function.
                 Our results show that a diverse set of solutions was
                 found along the Pareto front which performed as well or
                 better than canonical GP on four class imbalance

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