Towards the automatic generation of card games through grammar-guided genetic programming

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                 Daniel Manrique and Julian Togelius",
  title =        "Towards the automatic generation of card games through
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  size =         "4 pages",
  abstract =     "We demonstrate generating complete and playable card
                 games using evolutionary algorithms. Card games are
                 represented in a previously devised card game
                 description language, a context-free grammar. The
                 syntax of this language allows us to use grammar-guided
                 genetic programming. Candidate card games are evaluated
                 through a cascading evaluation function, a multi-step
                 process where games with undesired properties are
                 progressively weeded out. Three representative examples
                 of generated games are analysed. We observed that these
                 games are reasonably balanced and have skill elements,
                 they are not yet entertaining for human players. The
                 particular shortcomings of the examples are discussed
                 in regard to the generative process to be able to
                 generate quality games.",

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