Multiobjective genetic programming approach for a smooth modeling of the release kinetics of a pheromone dispenser

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  abstract =     "The accurate modeling of the release kinetics of
                 pheromone dispensers is a matter or great importance
                 for ensuring that the dispenser field-life covers the
                 flight period of the pest and for optimizing the layout
                 of dispensers in the treated area. A new experimental
                 dispenser has been recently designed by researchers at
                 the Instituto Agroforestal del Mediterraneo - Centro de
                 Ecologia Quimica Agricola (CEQA) of the Universidad
                 Politecnica de Valencia (Spain). The most challenging
                 problem for the modeling of the release kinetics of
                 this dispensers is the difficulty in obtaining
                 experimental measurements for building the model. The
                 procedure for obtaining these data is very costly, both
                 time and money wise, therefore the available data
                 across the whole season are scarce. In prior work we
                 demonstrated the utility of using Genetic Programming
                 (GP) for this particular problem. However, the models
                 evolved by the GP algorithm tend to have
                 discontinuities in those time ranges where there are
                 not available measurements. In this work we propose the
                 use of a multiobjective Genetic Programming for
                 modeling the performance of the CEQA dispenser. We take
                 two approaches, involving two and nine objectives
                 respectively. In the first one, one of the objectives
                 of the GP algorithm deals with how well the model fits
                 the experimental data, while the second objective
                 measures how {"}smooth{"} the model behaviour is. In
                 the second approach we have as many objectives as data
                 points and the aim is to predict each point separately
                 using the remaining ones. The results obtained endorse
                 the utility of this approach for those modeling
                 problems characterized by the lack of experimental
  notes =        "Distributed on CD-ROM at GECCO-2009.

                 ACM Order Number 910092.",

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