Classifying SSH encrypted traffic with minimum packet header features using genetic programming

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  abstract =     "The classification of Encrypted Traffic, namely Secure
                 Shell (SSH), on the fly from network TCP traffic
                 represents a particularly challenging application
                 domain for machine learning. Solutions should ideally
                 be both simple - therefore efficient to deploy - and
                 accurate. Recent advances to team based Genetic
                 Programming provide the opportunity to decompose the
                 original problem into a subset of classifiers with
                 non-overlapping behaviors, in effect providing further
                 insight into the problem domain and increasing the
                 throughput of solutions. Thus, in this work we have
                 investigated the identification of SSH encrypted
                 traffic based on packet header features without using
                 IP addresses, port numbers and payload data. Evaluation
                 of C4.5 and AdaBoost - representing current best
                 practice - against the Symbiotic Bid-based (SBB)
                 paradigm of team-based Genetic Programming (GP) under
                 data sets common and independent from the training
                 condition indicates that SBB based GP solutions are
                 capable of providing simpler solutions without
                 sacrificing accuracy.

  notes =        "Distributed on CD-ROM at GECCO-2009.

                 ACM Order Number 910092.",

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