Induction of Optimal Semantic Semi-distances for Clausal Knowledge Bases

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  author =       "Claudia d'Amato and Nicola Fanizzi and 
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  title =        "Induction of Optimal Semantic Semi-distances for
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  timestamp =    "Sun, 04 Jun 2017 10:05:36 +0200",
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  bibsource =    "dblp computer science bibliography,",
  abstract =     "Several activities related to semantically annotated
                 resources can be enabled by a notion of similarity,
                 spanning from clustering to retrieval, matchmaking and
                 other forms of inductive reasoning. We propose the
                 definition of a family of semi-distances over the set
                 of objects in a knowledge base which can be used in
                 these activities. In the line of works on
                 distance-induction on clausal spaces, the family is
                 parametrized on a committee of concepts expressed with
                 clauses. Hence, we also present a method based on the
                 idea of simulated annealing to be used to optimize the
                 choice of the best concept committee.",

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