Policy Evolution with Grammatical Evolution

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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-540-89694-4_8",
  abstract =     "Security policies are becoming more sophisticated.
                 Operational forces will often be faced with making
                 tricky risk decisions and policies must be flexible
                 enough to allow appropriate actions to be facilitated.
                 Access requests are no longer simple subject access
                 object matters. There is often a great deal of context
                 to be taken into account. Most security work is couched
                 in terms of risk management, but the benefits of
                 actions will need to be taken into account too. In some
                 cases it may not be clear what the policy should be.
                 People are often better at dealing with specific
                 examples than producing general rules. In this paper we
                 investigate the use of Grammatical Evolution (GE) to
                 attempt to infer Fuzzy MLS policy from decision
                 examples. This approach couches policy inference as a
                 search for a policy that is most consistent with the
                 supplied examples set. The results show this approach
                 is promising.",
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