Evolutionary Algorithm for Drug Discovery - Interim Design Report

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  author =       "Mark Shackelford",
  title =        "Evolutionary Algorithm for Drug Discovery - Interim
                 Design Report",
  year =         "2014",
  month =        "14 " # mar,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, EAfDD,
  URL =          "http://arxiv.org/abs/1403.4871",
  size =         "7 pages",
  abstract =     "A software program which aims to provide an
                 exploration capability over the Search Space of
                 potential drug molecules. The program explores the
                 search space by generating random molecules,
                 determining their fitness and then breeding a new
                 generation from the fittest individuals. The search
                 space, in theory any combination of any elements in any
                 order, is constrained by the use of a subset of
                 elements and a list of fragments, molecular parts that
                 are known to be useful in drug development. The
                 resultant molecules from each generation are stored in
                 a searchable database, so that the user can browse
                 through previous generations looking for interesting
                 molecules Evolutionary Algorithm for Drug Discovery
  notes =        "GP?",

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