Derivation of context-free stochastic L-Grammar rules for promoter sequence modeling using Support Vector Machine

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  author =       "Robertas Damasevicius",
  title =        "Derivation of context-free stochastic {L}-Grammar
                 rules for promoter sequence modeling using Support
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  size =         "7 pages",
  abstract =     "Formal grammars can used for describing complex
                 repeatable structures such as DNA sequences. In this
                 paper, we describe the structural composition of DNA
                 sequences using a context-free stochastic L-grammar.
                 L-grammars are a special class of parallel grammars
                 that can model the growth of living organisms, e.g.
                 plant development, and model the morphology of a
                 variety of organisms. We believe that parallel grammars
                 also can be used for modelling genetic mechanisms and
                 sequences such as promoters. Promoters are short
                 regulatory DNA sequences located upstream of a gene.
                 Detection of promoters in DNA sequences is important
                 for successful gene prediction. Promoters can be
                 recognised by certain patterns that are conserved
                 within a species, but there are many exceptions which
                 makes the promoter recognition a complex problem. We
                 replace the problem of promoter recognition by
                 induction of context-free stochastic L-grammar rules,
                 which are later used for the structural analysis of
                 promoter sequences. L-grammar rules are derived
                 automatically from the drosophila and vertebrate
                 promoter datasets using a genetic programming technique
                 and their fitness is evaluated using a Support Vector
                 Machine (SVM) classifier. The artificial promoter
                 sequences generated using the derived L-grammar rules
                 are analysed and compared with natural promoter
  notes =        "",

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