Prediction and Modelling of the Flow of a Typical Urban Basin through Genetic Programming

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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, evolutionary
                 computation, applications, hydrology, rain-fall
                 run-off, sewage, flooding alarm, transference function,
                 hydraulic enginnering, kinematic wave, unit hydographs,
  ISBN =         "3-540-43432-1",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/3-540-46004-7_20",
  size =         "12 pages",
  abstract =     "Genetic Programming (GP) is an evolutionary method
                 that creates computer programs that represent
                 approximate or exact solutions to a problem. This paper
                 proposes an application of GP in hydrology, namely for
                 modelling the effect of rain on the run-off flow in a
                 typical urban basin. The ultimate goal of this research
                 is to design a real time alarm system to warn of floods
                 or subsidence in various types of urban basin. Results
                 look promising and appear to offer some improvement
                 over stochastic methods for analysing river basin
                 systems such as unitary radiographs.",
  notes =        "EvoWorkshops2002, part of cagnoni:2002:ews

                 Vitoria, Spain, 5 minute pluviometer samples = 288
                 samples per day. Data for rainless days??? Replicated
                 -288...575 three cycles {"}to avoid this
                 discontinuity{"} p193. Sine and Cosine but no IF? No
                 details of mutation, no fine constant adjustment, no
                 anti-bloat measures?

                 Fitting average day and rainy day are

                 Complex arithmetic, mutlti-typed system. {"}This
                 execution does not return any value, it only stores the
                 system's poles, zeros and constants{"} p197. Poles
                 outside unit circle lead to immediate death of tree.
                 Tested on 20 hours and 45 minutes of variable rainfall.
                 Average error on GP model less than that of {"}SCS Unit
                 Hydrograph{"}, Table 1.",

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