Quality Assurance for Self-Adaptive, Self-Organising Systems (Message from the Workshop Organisers)

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  author =       "Benedikt Eberhardinger and Wolfgang Reif and 
                 Franz Wotawa and Tom Holvoet",
  title =        "Quality Assurance for Self-Adaptive, Self-Organising
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  isbn13 =       "978-1-4799-6378-2",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/SASOW.2014.30",
  size =         "2 pages",
  abstract =     "Welcome to the first edition of the Workshop on
                 Quality Assurance for Self-adaptive, Self-organising
                 Systems (QA4SASO 2014). Developing self-adaptive,
                 self-organising systems that fulfil the requirements of
                 different stakeholders is no simple matter. Quality
                 assurance is required at each phase of the entire
                 development process, starting from requirements
                 elicitation, agent design, system architecture design,
                 and finally in the implementation, testing, and
                 deployment of the system. The quality of the artefacts
                 from each development phase affects the rest of the
                 system, since all parts are closely related to each
                 other. Furthermore, the shift of adaptation decisions
                 from design-time to run-time - necessitated by the need
                 of the systems to adapt to changing circumstances -
                 makes it difficult, but even more essential, to assure
                 high quality standards in these kind of systems.
                 Accordingly, the analysis and evaluation of these
                 self-systems has to take into account the specific
                 operational context to achieve high quality standards.
                 As a consequence, we like to address the following
                 challenges in the workshop on quality assurance for
                 self-adaptive, self-organising systems: Evolutionary
                 developing system, interleaving mechanisms, uncertainty
                 according the system environment, open system
                 architecture, and large number of system participants.
                 The necessity to investigate this field has already
                 been recognised and addressed in different communities,
                 but there exists so far no platform to bring all these
                 communities together. Therefore, the workshop provides
                 an open stage for discussions about the different
                 aspects of quality assurance for self-adaptive,
                 self-organising systems.",
  notes =        "Mention of Mark Harman GI keynote. SASOW Also known as

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