Evolution of a control architecture for a mobile robot

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  abstract =     "Programming a robot to perform a desired task in an
                 unknown environment is a difficult task. Due to
                 unexpected interactions between the environment and the
                 robot many iterations of program development are often
                 required. Using genetic programming the robots
                 themselves may search the space of possible programs.
                 In an experiment which was conducted over a period of
                 two months we evolved a behavior-based control
                 architecture for a large sized mobile robot, a Real
                 World Interface B21. This is the first time that a
                 large mobile robot was used in evolutionary robotics
                 using tree-based genetic programming. In addition, our
                 architecture uses conditional statements to build up a
                 hierarchical reactive control structure. Sonar sensors
                 are used to sense the environment. Because the robot is
                 able to exert a considerable force if it crashes into
                 an object, safety measures had to be taken to
                 automatically monitor the run.",
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