Genetic Programming Bibliography entries for Eiichiro Tazaki

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GP coauthors/coeditors: Yasser Fouad Hassan, Kenneth J Mackin, Ayahiko Niimi, Elsayied Radwan,

Genetic Programming Articles by Eiichiro Tazaki

  1. Elsayed Radwan and Eiichiro Tazaki. New learning method for cellular neural networks template based on combination between rough sets and genetic programming. Cybernetics and Systems, 36(4):415-444, 2005. details

  2. Yasser Hassan and Eiichiro Tazaki. Combination method of rough set and genetic programming. Kybernetes, 33(1):98-117, 2004. details

  3. Elsayed Radwan and Eiichiro Tazaki. Template learning of cellular neural network using genetic programming. International Journal of Neural Systems, 14(4):247-256, 2004. details

  4. Kenneth J. Mackin and Eiichiro Tazaki. Multiagent communication combining genetic programming and pheromone communication. Kybernetes, 31(6):827-843, 2002. details

Genetic Programming conference papers by Eiichiro Tazaki