Application of system identification techniques to aircraft gas turbine engines

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  author =       "C. Evans and P. J. Fleming and D. C. Hill and 
                 J. P. Norton and I. Pratt and D. Rees and 
                 K. Rodriguez-Vazquez",
  title =        "Application of system identification techniques to
                 aircraft gas turbine engines",
  journal =      "Control Engineering Practice",
  volume =       "9",
  pages =        "135--148",
  year =         "2001",
  number =       "2",
  month =        feb,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Gas turbines,
                 System identification, Frequency domain, Multisine
                 signals, Least-squares estimation, Time-varying
                 systems, Structure selection",
  ISSN =         "0967-0661",
  URL =          "",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1016/S0967-0661(00)00091-5",
  abstract =     "A variety of system identification techniques are
                 applied to the modelling of aircraft gas turbine
                 dynamics. The motivation behind the study is to improve
                 the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of system
                 identification techniques currently used in the
                 industry. Three system identification approaches are
                 outlined in this paper. They are based upon: multisine
                 testing and frequency-domain identification,
                 time-varying models estimated using extended least
                 squares with optimal smoothing, and multiobjective
                 genetic programming to select model structure.",

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