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GP coauthors/coeditors: Guy Baele, Nicolas Bredeche, Steven Maere, Nico Michiels, Yves Van de Peer, Christopher Schwarzer, Ronald Thenius, Gusz Eiben, Joeri Bekker, Robert Griffioen, Paul A Vogt, Gisele L Pappa, Anabela Simoes, Dirk Sudholt, William B Langdon, David Robert White, Justyna Petke, Frank William Moore, Nur Zincir-Heywood, Jose Santos, Julia Handl, Amarda Shehu, David Walker, Richard Everson, Jonathan E Fieldsend, Karthik Kuber, Masaya Nakata, Kamran Shafi, John R Woodward, Daniel R Tauritz, Manuel Lopez-Ibanez, Stefan Wagner, Michael Affenzeller, Youhei Akimoto, Anne Auger, Dimo Brockhoff, Nikolaus Hansen, Olaf Mersmann, Petr Posik, Tea Tusar, Boris Naujoks, Abraham Prieto, Chris Simons, Jerry Swan, Krzysztof Krawiec, James Smith, Colin G Johnson, Alberto Moraglio, Michael O'Neill, Stephen L Smith, Stefano Cagnoni, Robert M Patton, R F Walker, M C Gerrets,

Genetic Programming Conference proceedings edited by Evert Haasdijk

Genetic Programming conference papers by Evert Haasdijk

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Genetic Programming book chapters by Evert Haasdijk