Application of Genetic Programming in Hydrology

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  author =       "E. Fallah-Mehdipour and O. {Bozorg Haddad}",
  title =        "Application of Genetic Programming in Hydrology",
  booktitle =    "Handbook of Genetic Programming Applications",
  publisher =    "Springer",
  year =         "2015",
  editor =       "Amir H. Gandomi and Amir H. Alavi and Conor Ryan",
  chapter =      "3",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  isbn13 =       "978-3-319-20882-4",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20883-1_3",
  abstract =     "With increasing complexity and accuracy of different
                 phenomenon modelling, attentions focus on using and
                 improving some tools that extract system equations by
                 simple rules. Commonly, these tools are user-friendly
                 and try to minimize error criterion between real
                 (observed) and obtained values by system rules. An
                 appropriate water resource modeling requires assistance
                 of computer model to provide connections in data sets,
                 management and decision makers. The purpose of this
                 chapter is to review genetic programming (GP)
                 applications in the hydrology and consider future
                 aspects for research and application. Previous
                 applications of GP presented its capabilities to
                 overcome some system characteristics such as the
                 high-dimensional, nonlinearity, and convexity. GP is
                 flexible to set with other systems in both internal and
                 external states.",

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