How Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Is Effective for Software Development Effort Estimation?

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  author =       "Filomena Ferrucci and Carmine Gravino and 
                 Federica Sarro",
  title =        "How Multi-Objective Genetic Programming Is Effective
                 for Software Development Effort Estimation?",
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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/978-3-642-23716-4_28",
  size =         "1.3 page",
  abstract =     "The idea of exploiting search-based methods to
                 estimate development effort is based on the observation
                 that the effort estimation problem can be formulated as
                 an optimisation problem. As a matter of fact, among
                 possible estimation models, we have to identify the
                 best one, i.e., the one providing the most accurate
                 estimates. Nevertheless, in the context of effort
                 estimation there does not exist a unique measure that
                 allows us to compare different models and consistently
                 derives the best one [1]. Rather, several evaluation
                 criteria (e.g., MMRE and Pred(25)) covering different
                 aspects of model performances (e.g., underestimating or
                 overestimating) are used to assess and compare
                 estimation models [1]. Thus, considering the effort
                 estimation problem as an optimisation problem we should
                 search for the model that optimises several measures.
                 From this point of view, the effort estimation problem
                 is inherently multi-objective. Nevertheless, all the
                 studies that have been carried",

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