Bootstrapping to reduce bloat and improve generalisation in genetic programming

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  abstract =     "Typically, the quality of a solution in Genetic
                 Programming (GP) is represented by a score on a given
                 training sample. However, in Machine Learning, we are
                 most interested in estimating the quality of the
                 evolving individuals on unseen data. In this paper, we
                 propose to simulate the effect of unseen data to direct
                 training without actually using additional data, by
                 employing a technique called bootstrapping that
                 repeatedly re-samples with replacement from the
                 training data and helps estimate sensitivity of the
                 individual in question to small variations across these
                 re-sampled data sets. We minimise this sensitivity, as
                 measured by the Bootstrap Standard Error, alongside the
                 training error, in a bid to evolve models that
                 generalise better to the unseen data.

                 We evaluate the proposed technique on four binary
                 classification problems and compare with a standard GP
                 approach. The results show that for the problems
                 undertaken, the proposed method not only generalises
                 significantly better than standard GP while the
                 training performance improves, but also demonstrates a
                 strong side effect of containing the tree sizes.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2464647} Distributed at

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