Genetic Programming Applied to Predictive Control in Environmental Engineering

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  abstract =     "We introduce a new hybrid Genetic Programming (GP)
                 based method for time series prediction in predictive
                 control applications. Our method combines existing
                 state-of-the-art analytical models from predictive
                 control with a modern typed graph GP system. The main
                 idea is to pre-structure the GP search space with
                 existing analytical models to improve prediction
                 accuracy. We apply our method to a difficult predictive
                 control problem from the water resource management
                 industry, yielding an improved prediction accuracy,
                 compared with both the best analytical model and with a
                 modern GP method for time series prediction. Even if we
                 focus this first study on predictive control, the
                 automatic optimisation of existing models through GP
                 shows a great potential for broader application.",

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