Coevolving Heuristics for The Distributor's Pallet Packing Problem

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  author =       "Marcus Furuholmen and Kyrre Glette and Mats Hovin and 
                 Jim Torresen",
  title =        "Coevolving Heuristics for The Distributor's Pallet
                 Packing Problem",
  booktitle =    "2009 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation",
  year =         "2009",
  editor =       "Andy Tyrrell",
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  file =         "P260.pdf",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1109/CEC.2009.4983295",
  abstract =     "Efficient heuristics are required for on-line
                 optimization problems where search-based methods are
                 unfeasible due to frequent dynamics in the environment.
                 This is especially apparent when operating on
                 combinatorial NP-complete problems involving a large
                 number of items. However, designing new heuristics for
                 these problems may be a difficult and time consuming
                 task even for domain experts. Therefore, automating
                 this design process may benefit the industry when
                 facing new and difficult optimization problems. The
                 Distributor's Pallet Packing Problem (DPPP) is the
                 problem of loading a pallet of non-homogenous items
                 coming off a production line and is an instance of a
                 range of resource-constrained, NP-complete, scheduling
                 problems that are highly relevant for practical tasks
                 in the industry. Common heuristics for the DPPP
                 typically decompose the problem into two sub-problems;
                 one of prescheduling all items on the production line
                 and one of packing the items on the pallet. In this
                 paper we concentrate on a two dimensional version of
                 the DPPP and the more realistic scenario of having
                 knowledge about only a limited set of the items on the
                 production line. This paper aims at demonstrating that
                 such an unknown heuristic may be evolved by Gene
                 Expression Programming and Cooperative Coevolution. By
                 taking advantage of the natural problem decomposition,
                 two species evolve heuristics for pre-scheduling and
                 packing respectively. We also argue that the evolved
                 heuristics form part of a developmental stage in the
                 construction of the finished phenotype, that is, the
                 loaded pallet.",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, gene
                 expression programming",
  notes =        "CEC 2009 - A joint meeting of the IEEE, the EPS and
                 the IET. IEEE Catalog Number: CFP09ICE-CDR",

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