Optimal designs of multiple dividing wall columns

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  size =         "5 pages",
  abstract =     "In this work, two schemes are analysed for the
                 reduction on energy consumptions for ternary
                 distillation: a Petlyuk column, PC, and a Petlyuk with
                 postfractionator system, PCP. To perform the optimal
                 design of the analysed systems, the use of
                 multiobjective genetic algorithms has been considered.
                 Moreover, a strategy for diameter calculation is
                 proposed for the dividing wall column, DWC, and double
                 dividing wall column, DDWC, which is based on their
                 distribution of internal flows. Results show that
                 genetic algorithm tool allows obtaining optimal designs
                 for the PC and PCP systems, with low energy
                 consumptions. Furthermore, the design strategy for the
                 DWC and DDWC shows that the physical structure required
                 for one or two dividing walls is quite similar;
                 thereby, it appears to be an adequate method for the
                 sizing of the dividing wall systems.",

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