Automated design of algorithms and genetic improvement: contrast and commonalities

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  abstract =     "Automated Design of Algorithms (ADA) and Genetic
                 Improvement (GI) are two relatively young fields of
                 research that have been receiving more attention in
                 recent years. Both methodologies can improve programs
                 using evolutionary search methods and successfully
                 produce human competitive programs. ADA and GI are used
                 for improving functional properties such as quality of
                 solution and non-functional properties, e.g. speed,
                 memory and, energy consumption. Only GI of the two has
                 been used to fix bugs, probably because it is applied
                 globally on the whole source code while ADA typically
                 replaces a function or a method locally. While GI is
                 applied directly to the source code ADA works ex-situ,
                 i.e. as a separate process from the program it is

                 Although the methodologies overlap in many ways they
                 differ on some fundamentals and for further progress to
                 be made researchers from both disciplines should be
                 aware of each other's work.",
  notes =        "Also known as \cite{2609874} Distributed at

                 Unstable URL at",

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