Analyzing the Intelligence of a Genetically Programmed Chess Player

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  author =       "Ami Hauptman and Moshe Sipper",
  title =        "Analyzing the Intelligence of a Genetically Programmed
                 Chess Player",
  booktitle =    "Late breaking paper at Genetic and Evolutionary
                 Computation Conference {(GECCO'2005)}",
  year =         "2005",
  month =        "25-29 " # jun,
  editor =       "Franz Rothlauf",
  address =      "Washington, D.C., USA",
  URL =          "",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  abstract =     "We investigate a strong chess endgame player,
                 previously evolved by us through genetic programming
                 [1]. Its performance is analysed across four games,
                 demonstrating the chess-playing capabilities developed
                 through evolution. We end with a discussion of our
                 GP-evolved player\'s pros and cons",
  notes =        "Distributed on CD-ROM at GECCO-2005",

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