Fault tolerant control using Cartesian genetic programming

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  author =       "Yoshikazu Hirayama and Tim Clarke and 
                 Julian Francis Miller",
  title =        "Fault tolerant control using Cartesian genetic
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  publisher =    "ACM",
  publisher_address = "New York, NY, USA",
  month =        "12-16 " # jul,
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, cartesian
                 genetic programming, Fault Tolerance robotics,
                 Real-World application",
  size =         "8 pages",
  abstract =     "The paper focuses on the evolution of algorithms for
                 control of a machine in the presence of sensor faults,
                 using Cartesian Genetic Programming. The key challenges
                 in creating training sets and a fitness function that
                 encourage a general solution are discussed. The evolved
                 algorithms are analysed and discussed. It was found
                 that highly novel, mathematically elegant and hitherto
                 unknown solutions were found.",
  notes =        "GECCO-2008 A joint meeting of the seventeenth
                 international conference on genetic algorithms
                 (ICGA-2008) and the thirteenth annual genetic
                 programming conference (GP-2008).

                 ACM Order Number 910081. Also known as \cite{1389389}",

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