Language Learning for the Autonomous Mental Development of Conversational Agents

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  DOI =          "doi:10.1007/11893295_98",
  abstract =     "Since the manual construction of our knowledge-base
                 has several crucial limitations when applied to
                 intelligent systems, mental development has been
                 investigated in recent years. Autonomous mental
                 development is a new paradigm for developing autonomous
                 machines, which are adaptive and flexible to the
                 environment. Language development, a kind of mental
                 development, is an important aspect of intelligent
                 conversational agents. In this paper, we propose an
                 intelligent conversational agent and its language
                 development mechanism by putting together five
                 promising techniques; Bayesian networks, pattern
                 matching, finite state machines, templates, and genetic
                 programming. Knowledge acquisition implemented by
                 finite state machines and templates, and language
                 learning by genetic programming are developed for
                 language development. Several illustrations and
                 usability tests show the usefulness of the proposed
                 developmental conversational agent.",

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