Integrated Optimal Product Design and Process Planning for One-of-a-Kind Production

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  author =       "G. Hong and P. R. Dean and W. Yang and Y. L. Tu and 
                 D. Xue",
  title =        "Integrated Optimal Product Design and Process Planning
                 for One-of-a-Kind Production",
  booktitle =    "28th Computers and Information in Engineering
                 Conference IDETC/CIE2008",
  year =         "2008",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  DOI =          "doi:10.1115/DETC2008-49141",
  abstract =     "One-of-a-kind production (OKP) is a new manufacturing
                 paradigm to produce customised products based on
                 requirements of individual customers while maintaining
                 the quality and efficiency of mass production. In this
                 research, an integrated optimal product design and
                 process planning approach is developed to satisfy
                 customer requirements considering design and
                 manufacturing constraints. In this work, a hybrid
                 AND-OR graph is introduced to model the variations of
                 design configurations/parameters and manufacturing
                 processes/parameters in generic product family. Since
                 different design configurations and parameters can be
                 created from the same customer requirements, and each
                 design can be further achieved through alternative
                 manufacturing processes and parameters, co-evolutionary
                 genetic programming and numerical Optimization are
                 employed to identify the optimal product design
                 configuration/parameters and manufacturing
                 process/parameters. An industrial case study to
                 identify the optimal design configuration/parameters
                 and manufacturing process/parameters of custom window
                 products in a local company is introduced to
                 demonstrate the effectiveness of the developed
  notes =        "Gang Hong, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB,

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