Forecasting the Prices of TAIEX Options by Using Genetic Programming and Support Vector Regression

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  abstract =     "The Black-Scholes (B-S) model is the traditional tool
                 for giving a theoretical estimate of the price of
                 European-style options. However, the basic assumptions
                 on the assets and market made in the B-S model are
                 ideal. Furthermore, a lot of factors which might affect
                 the prices of options have not been considered in the
                 B-S model. In this study, the genetic programming (GP)
                 and support vector regression (SVR) are applied to
                 forecast the prices of stock options by using the six
                 basic factors in the B-S model and the other factors,
                 such as the opening and closing prices, highest and
                 lowest prices, trading volume, open interest etc., as
                 the predictors. The performance of GP and SVR
                 forecasting models are also compared to the B-S pricing
                 model. The feasibility and effectiveness of the
                 proposed approach are demonstrated by forecasting the
                 closing prices of Taiwan Stock Exchange Capitalization
                 Weighted Stock Index Options (TAIEX Options) from April
                 1, 2010 to March 29, 2013.",
  notes =        "",

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