The University of New South Wales at GeoCLEF 2006

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  abstract =     "This paper describes our participation in the GeoCLEF
                 monolingual English task of the Cross Language
                 Evaluation Forum 2006. The main objective of this study
                 is to evaluate the retrieve performance of our
                 geographic information retrieval system. The system
                 consists of four modules: the geographic knowledge base
                 that provides information about important geographic
                 entities around the world and relationships between
                 them; the indexing module that creates and maintains
                 textual and geographic indices for document
                 collections; the document retrieval module that uses
                 the Boolean model to retrieve documents that meet both
                 textual and geographic criteria; and the ranking module
                 that ranks retrieved results based on ranking functions
                 learnt using Genetic Programming. Experiments results
                 show that the geographic knowledge base, the indexing
                 module and the retrieval module are useful for
                 geographic information retrieval tasks, but the
                 proposed ranking function learning method doesn't work
  notes =        "

                 Evaluation of Multilingual and Multi-modal Information
                 Retrieval (GIR). Published 2007",

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