Genetic Programming Framework for Fingerprint Matching

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  title =        "Genetic Programming Framework for Fingerprint
  author =       "Ismail A. Ismail and Nabawia A. ElRamly and 
                 Mohammed A. Abd-ElWahid and Passent M. ElKafrawy and 
                 Mohammed M. Nasef",
  journal =      "International Journal of Computer Science and
                 Information Security",
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  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming, Fingerprint
                 matching, minutiae points",
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  abstract =     "A fingerprint matching is a very difficult problem.
                 Minutiae-based-matching is the most popular and widely
                 used technique for fingerprint matching. The minutiae
                 points considered in automatic identification systems
                 are based normally on termination and bifurcation
                 points. In this paper we propose a new technique for
                 fingerprint matching using minutiae points and genetic
                 programming. The goal of this paper is extracting the
                 mathematical formula that defines the minutiae points.

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