Evolutionary Learning with Cross-Class Knowledge Reuse for Handwritten Character Recognition

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  author =       "Wojciech Jaskowski and Krzysztof Krawiec and 
                 Bartosz Wieloch",
  title =        "Evolutionary Learning with Cross-Class Knowledge Reuse
                 for Handwritten Character Recognition",
  booktitle =    "proceedings of the Planning to learn workshop,
  year =         "2007",
  address =      "Warsaw, Poland",
  month =        sep # " 17",
  keywords =     "genetic algorithms, genetic programming",
  URL =          "http://www.ecmlpkdd2007.org/CD/workshops/PlanLearn/WS_PlanLearn_p2/WS_PlanLearn_p2.pdf",
  abstract =     "We propose a learning algorithm that reuses knowledge
                 acquired in past learning sessions to improve its
                 performance on a new learning task. The method concerns
                 visual learning and uses genetic programming to
                 represent hypotheses, each of them being a procedure
                 that processes visual primitives derived from the
                 training images. The process of recognition is
                 generative, i.e., a procedure is supposed to restore
                 the shape of the processed object by drawing its
                 reproduction on a separate canvas. This basic method is
                 extended with a knowledge reuse mechanism that allows
                 learners to import genetic material from hypotheses
                 that evolved for the other decision classes (object
                 classes). We compare both methods on a task of
                 handwritten character recognition, and conclude that
                 knowledge reuse leads to significant improvement of
                 classification accuracy and reduces the risk of
  notes =        "Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of
                 Technology Piotrowo 2, 60965 Pozna, Poland",

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